Tianeptine (Stablon) Sulfate Reviews: How It Works?

Tianeptine is particularly known to be an antidepressant treating depression of different causes and nature.
It was found to be highly effective either for both: minor mood disorders or for serious major and latent depressions, and also obsessive compulsive disorders and social anxiety.

There is some evidence that Tianeptine can be helpful in dealing with neuro-degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral aging or multiple sclerosis.

Tianeptine is a drug included as a main active substance in a number of medical drugs essentially composed of Tianeptine: [Stablon, Coaxil and Tatinol].

This drug is widely used for clarity of thoughts, lucid mind, relieve a feeling of sadness, and enhancing overall mental performance: memory, learning, comprehension of abstract thinking.

Among derivate effects of its main prescription, the Tianeptine also provides useful benefits like reducing anxiety, mood booster etc.

Even considering that this drug was developed in early 1960’s, unlike all other nootropics of this period, Tianeptine has a neuroprotective mechanism allowing it to be more safe and reliable.

Chemically Tianeptine contains three rings of atoms in its structure.
This structure enables Tianeptine to enhance re-uptake and reabsorption of brain neurotransmitter – Serotonin (mechanism so-called – Selective Serotonin reuptake enhancer/inhibitor (SSRE or SSRI) within the brain, and this means that this nootropic prevents Serotonin from being destroyed by enzymes after this neurotransmitter was released, and Tianeptine allows to reuptake Serotonin by neuron increasing effectiveness of its function, and more Serotonin then is absorbed by your brain for effective work – (neurotransmitter’s capacity is used more effectively in such a way).

Such action mechanism gives your brain more fuel for normalizing the balance between the action of neurons and metabolic activity within the brain and, from the other hand, by decreasing Serotonin activity in the pre-frontal cortex, improving a mood.

But Tianeptine has a remarkable action not only on Serotonin within your brain but it also increases concentrations of Dopamine – a neurotransmitter responsible for your good mood, feeling of pleasure, excitement, sex drive and many other emotional responses, and Glutamate receptors which play a role in improving cognitive functions such as learning, and memory.

Glutamate plays an important role in synaptic plasticity (or neuroplasticity) and modulates AMPA, NMDA and metabolic glutamate receptors within the brain.
These are used for a vast majority of processes related to excitation and sending electrical responses to activate areas responsible for cognitive functions.

There is also one substantial benefit of Tianeptine worth to be mentioned in this article.
This nootropic is deemed to be safe not only for its neuroprotective ability, but also because it is well-tolerated by elders.

This was made possible by unaffecting cardiovascular system which is the most painful problem concerning old patients.

In this respect, Tianeptine can be considered as a major enhancer giving a perception of well-being and improving the moral environment.
Even with a poor history of studies and trials, this smart drug was found to be effective by many users who appreciated its benefits compared to side effects of the medicine.

Newcomers are interested in the safe and reliable supplement and for this purposes overall reviews with live experiences required to understand the way how Tianeptine actually affects the brain cells including all benefits and side effects.

Tianeptine Reviews

A number of reviewers post comments and topics in a number of on-line resources about positive effects of Tianeptine.

Among all positive effects declared in researches, studies, and clinical trials, users report on some of the benefits found to occur at most.
And according to blogs and comments, Tianeptine is used for treating depression where the majority of reviews confirm its excellent anti-depressant potential.

The second popular benefit is in its ability to improve memory functions and overall cognitive performance.

Though Tianeptine is reported to produce positive effects, there are still reports of a poor result of using Tianeptine or no effects at all.

Posts and modern researches are filled with new comments and reviews of experienced users and beginners.
Tianeptine had earned a reputation of a safe supplement with strong antidepressant effects, and normally all medical specialists suggest to consult with a therapist before starting with this drug due to the possible side effects.

With respect to safety concerns, users should be aware of possible contraindications with different medications especially if a user receives complex and toxic medications.

Mentioned patients more often require help of the medical professionals associated with a negative effect to coexistent diseases.
In this respect, it is important to know particular side effects of each supplement you are about to take as some of them may produce serious side effects which may aggravate state of your health.

As for Tianeptine, this drug is reported to cause different side effects but in most cases, these side effects are mild and do not trouble much.
These include some minor changes in sleep pattern (vivid dreams) and more heavy like insomnia, dry mouth, constipation, dizziness, drowsiness, low blood pressure.
As is evident, these side effects only bring discomfort rather than any health risks.

Tianeptine Sulfate Dosage

As for the right dosage, a user would not know if the dosage he is taking is safe until he practically tests his individual safe dose.
Normally, it is required to take about 25-40 mg of Tianeptine per day, given that this medication comes with 12.5 mg in one pill, basing on this compounding, the dosage will be 2-3 pills per day.

But this dosage may differ since this nootropic helps from different types of mental disorders and of course, the dosage for minor depression and Alzheimer’s disease or obsessive-compulsive disorders will not be the same.

A general recommendation for every new user is to carefully listen to your body and start with small doses of this drug and gradually increase it to get the full benefit from taking Tianeptine and to ensure that the dosage you’re taking is safe for you.
A small dose, in this case, would be either one pill per day cut in half.

Even considering that side effects of Tianeptine are rare to occur and very unusual, nethertheless for the sake of safety, you should always consult with your therapist before starting Tianeptine for better dosage determination.

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