Phenylethylamine (PEA) Review: How Does This “Love Drug” Work ?

Phenylethylamine is a wide known neuromodulator remarkable for its abilities for “smart” capabilities to improve mental cognitive performance, boosting mood and concentration, control weight.

It is also known as PEA or Beta-Phenylethylamine or 2-Phenylethylamine.

This supplement is used as a “smart” drug for such qualities like boosting energy, mood and motivation, better thinking, attention, concentration, energy boosting and mental performance.

Phenylethylamine activates neurotransmitters in the brain and increases the release of dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and norepinephrine (noradrenaline) within the brain.
These released neurochemicals play important role in the development of focus, attention span, memory, concentration and many others.

You may have heard about “love drug”, – and that’s how Phenylethylamine called.
Not only because it is contained in chocolate, but also for it’s “romantic” qualities.

Since dopamine and norepinephrine released by Phenylethylamine, this supplement provides a range of different beneficial effects which can improve your learning capabilities, working efficiency, during a hard study, exams etc.
But it has become a users’ choice not only for improved learning capabilities but for an ability to fight against depression and stress and all symptoms originated from these dangerous conditions (anxiety, fatigue, headaches etc.).

This nootropic also helps to evaluate blood pressure and blood glucose level.

The chemical processes happened within the brain when taking Phenylethylamine are as follows.

This supplement is absorbed into the bloodstream to get into the blood-brain barrier (BBB), cross it and reaches the brain.
The described process is a usual way of how every nootropic reaches the brain and takes an effect really fast.
But unlike nootropics, Phenylethylamine’s transferring ability is lower than other nootropics have.
So in a case with this supplement, you might be required for a larger dose to achieve beneficial results since not all of its chemicals reach the brain.

Phenylethylamine Users’ Reviews

All potential and effective users of any nootropics start with an introduction into nootropics world from websites which address their concerns.
It is normal and important to gain an understanding of safety, side effects, and interactions from the most recent, actual and live reviews.

There is a great number of sources which serve to understand all aspects of taking Phenylethylamine.
It should be noted that according to users, Phenylethylamine can be bought at the trade name Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride (HCL).

Users and patients are really interested in getting the best available medication which can effectively improve their condition.

Supporting each other, most users are really trying to find effective drugs for cognitive enhancement and improvement of mental performance without relying on popular advertising.

And in the most cases, exactly such reviews give a rise to the market demand for one or another product, trigger interest, and be perceived by people as a reputable and safe supplement.

And reviews say that Phenylethylamine’s primary uses are for mental clarity, clear thinking, attention, concentration, energy boosting and mental performance.
Describing its experience with Phenylethylamine, users acknowledge that it makes them feel more motivated, that got a drive for intensive work or study and do not feel tired.

For its abilities to boost energy level, Phenylethylamine is popular among bodybuilders.

As confirmed by researches and supported by users’ reviews, this supplement would not keep you energized and motivated for a long time due to its short period of action.

To prolong its’ effect, Phenylethylamine is usually stacked with other supplements (Hordenine and other Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAO)) just for a longevity purposes.

Only 30mg of Hordenine will improve an efficiency of Phenylethylamine and extend the overall performance of this nootropic.

Some reviewers point out that the effect of Phenylethylamine is similar to those delivered by amphetamines.

Among side effects relative to Phenylethylamine that could develop, users, warn about nausea or over-stimulation.
Seeing that nausea is a well-known evidence of side effects, over-stimulation is less familiar and may not look serious, but this side effect may produce many unpleasant effects which, as a rule, goes like a set of symptoms.

There are also benefits that reported by users but not presented in the description to Phenylethylamine in such details.
Hence some say that Phenylethylamine within its benefit to improve focus and concentration provides a quick of apprehension, enlarge apprehension span, absorb information in all details without being distracted.

From memory boosting perspective, users confirm on their improved memory recall and ability to remember any facts and events very fast without hesitation, thoughts come fast and bring all required information quickly.

Enhanced benefits of Phenylethylamine are beyond of what is on the list of prescriptions and it provides some users effect of enhanced sense perception, in particular, elevation hearing and vision functioning.

In Phenylethylamine users’ community speaks highly of effect to increase heart rate and blood pressure.
And this effect we believe mostly related to the following benefit of Phenylethylamine.

Phenylethylamine reviews demonstrate an interest in unusual reports which open perspective of further deep researches in the area of positive effects of this supplement.

It is reported about the effect of this nootropic on weight loss.

Phenylethylamine For Weight Loss

Weight loss is related to stimulation and release of specific neurochemicals within the brain responsible for stress-response (Norepinephrine (noradrenaline)).

Such condition is considered by the human body as a threat and that could be an abnormal or emergency situation, event or reaction of an injured body where your brain receives the signal to respond.

When Phenylethylamine stimulates these chemicals, your body gets ready to respond to a threat (defend itself): muscles are strained, breathing is accelerated, hearing and vision is over concentrated, as all these functions require more oxygen within the brain, then blood flow moves faster to rich the brain, muscles, and organ with oxygen increased blood pressure, heart bit etc.
For all that processes body spends amounts of energy which need to be refilled.

As a result, metabolism is increased and more energy is consumed by all body systems (organs, brain, heart etc.).
To hold these processes, the body needs to refill the energy from available sources like fat.

In fact, in practice, Phenylethylamine is often used as an appetite suppressor for weight loss and have proved its efficiency as a popular component of many diets, pills, and medications to get slim (component – Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride).

In conclusion, the Phenylethylamine users’ reviews are really positive and confirm benefits of this supplement which not does only include elevation of mental performance, learning capabilities, and cognitive functions, but also to be an effective in dealing with stress, depression, and for weight loss.

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