L-Theanine Reviews, Benefits and More

If you have never heard about L-Theanine and become interested in supplements enhancing your mood, concentration, and focus, you will be surprised that you probably already get one while drinking green tea.

L-Theanine is a natural amino acid called L-Glutamic acid or gamma-glutamylethylamide.
This compound was first isolated in 1949 in Green tea (in particular, primary compound – Camellia Sinensis).

L-Theanine is also presented in certain types of mushrooms.
Chemically this supplement is similar to a formula of another amino acid – Tryptophan, and analog of glutamate and glutamine.

In its turn, L-Glutamic acid is a precursor of Serotonin – a neurotransmitter responsible for wakefulness schedule and sleep pattern, and therefore L-Theanine’s main effect is in increasing level of Serotonin.

First studies provided research on beneficial effects of L-Theanine were conducted in 1999 (Food Science and Technology), read on Pubmed.
Patients used a dose for this study which had become standard one after it.

All nootropics have a similar mechanism of action.
Though not all aspects of this mechanism are well understood, the main resemblance is in an ability of nootropics, in particular, L-Theanine to cross over the blood-barrier and go through directly to CNS (central nervous system).

Such ability is the key factor for quick absorption into the bloodstream, fast-response and direct transfer of elements to the brain.

This compound reaches four areas of neurotransmitters regulating arousal reaction of CNS, stress, pleasure, and attention.
These are Serotonin, Dopamine, GABA, and Norepinephrine.

But why this mechanism is so important?
First of all, an ability to cross blood barrier fast allows to save time and directly targets required areas to reduce anxiety, preclude restlessness, stress or improve motivation, energy, and concentration.

This happens due to the unique capability of L-Theanine to prevent over-activity of the brain and balance neurochemical activity for a good mental performance.
By stabilization of brain excitation state, this supplement produces many benefits from a feeling of calmness, relaxation, to tranquility.

But not only is Serotonin affected by L-Theanine, as this supplement also involves Dopamine and Norepinephrine.
In fact, Dopamine and Norepinephrine are those neurotransmitters which promote a positive attitude, good mood and motivation.

L-Theanine is one of the supplements offering a wide range of focus boosting and anxiety relieving qualities.
It has been used for years as a commercial product specifically aimed to improve concentration, focus, mood, and memory.

Mental performance is highly increased by L-Theanine as your brain gets more energy, oxygen, and good blood flow for persistently high performance.

L-Theanine is a unique supplement for improving focus, energy, and concentration.
As a result of taking L-Theanine, users perceive a great sense of focus and concentration that support a high level of performance required during studies, exams, and high load jobs or exact and precise works.
Mood disbalances have been often a reason for low performance, motivation, drowsiness and many others, are effectively cured by L-Theanine.

General perception on L-Theanine from online posts and reviews leaves a positive impression about effects produced by this nootropic.
L-Theanine is a quite often recommended by users and considered to be safe for a regular usage.

Anxiety itself could be either independent disorder caused by different neurological deficits, or symptom of depression.
Anxiety can deliver troubles and in most cases gives no way to a normal life.
That is why some users are specifically looking for a drug or medications successfully treating anxiety.
In this respect, L-Theanine is one of those medications which do well with anxiety reducing symptoms and fighting insomnia granting heavy sleep.

Another important ability for nootropic in our hectic life is to provide a feeling of calmness, relaxation and improving sleep.

Same as Ginkgo Biloba, L-Theanine was used for thousands of years and historically was started to be of use in Chinese medicine.
And once Ginkgo was identified as a treatment showing characteristics of a booster of brain activity, energy, mental performance and other related qualities, it also has been extensively studied with respect to these beneficial effects of L-Theanine.

Unlike recently produced nootropics, L-Theanine was tested for a long time in practical aspects of its usage like side effects, tolerance concerns, safety, interactions with other medications etc. These aspects are well-documented and experienced for a great while.
This fact makes this supplement a “no surprises” herbal remedy, fully natural and safe for children and adults.

It’s also worth mentioning that L-Theanine can be an independent agent for dealing with symptoms of ADHD, stress, sleep problems, or complementary remedy used in a lower dose for an active lifestyle and normalizing daily working regime.

A detailed description of L-Theanine benefits below will help you to find required intended use.

L-Theanine Benefits

Harvard Medical School had reported in 2004 on important benefits of L-Theanine to boost the immune system, increase body resistance and promoting freeze-thaw resistance.

Today, as long before, this nootropic is widely used to improve mental performance, focus, concentration, mood, energy level, motivation along with relaxation and calmness.

Benefits of L-Theanine are directly related to its mechanism of action.
In two words, L-Theanine blocks neurotransmitters (L-Glutamic acid) responsible for the arousal of CNS.
Being blocked, this acid is not able to send many signals to activate stress reactions.
So L-Theanine reduces signal of neurotransmitter and slows down all excitatory processes and reactions in the brain.

L-Theanin Mechanism of Action
Visually it manifests itself in a feeling of calm, tranquility, relaxation, decreasing heart rate and blood pressure, preventing seizures if any and many others.
This mechanism also exhibits in the neuroprotective effect of L-Theanine as decreased stimulation of synaptic receptors which does not allow them to “burn” and oxygenates brain tissue for better performance.

This supplement brings a great synergetic effect on muscle and mental performance.
It also has an impact on the cardiovascular system by not only fighting with hypertension but, in fact, by activating production of nitric oxide inside the walls of blood vessels which helps to open blood vessels.

According to user’s reports, L-Theanine boosts alpha brain waves.
But what does it actually mean? As per scientists, these are electrical impulses normally produced in the brain and associated with periods of intensive brain activity and concentration.
Alpha waves are the factor which makes you feel relaxed, calm and a sort of stimulant bringing forth clarity of mind, inspiration, creativity, motivation and incredible productivity.

Another important benefit of this natural supplement was found to be helpful for chemotherapy patients.
According to studies in this area, L-Theanine demonstrated an ability to keep safe healthy cells from unhealthy ones and thereby poison of chemotherapy brings no harm to healthy cells and promotes their normal work.
This began to take a new meaning when it comes to side effects of chemotherapy which are very heavy ones and in some cases may lead to death, and L-Theanine eases the damage of side effects to human body reducing its negative impact.

Other beneficial effects of L-Theanine include enhancement of energy levels, mood, cognitive performance and motivation by affecting Dopamine, fights with anxiety and stress.

L-Theanine stimulates the growth of nerves by producing proteins for them.
Capability to produce anti-oxidant effect one of the well-known since that it prevents oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

And optimistic mood and cheerful outlook on life are the main benefits for those who use L-Theanine in baseline dose for improving overall well-being

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