Ginkgo Biloba Reviews – Effectiveness For Cognitive Enhancement

According to plant geography, Ginkgo Biloba occurred all over the world for millions of years.
But 2500 years ago this mighty tree changed the area of growth to the very restricted location – China, in particular, two provinces.

For a long time, Ginkgo Biloba was exclusively used in Chinese medicine where Chinese healers and physician had plenty of time to thoroughly study this powerful medication.

Living for more than 3000 years, each Ginkgo Biloba tree (during the whole lifetime) produces active compounds exposing medical benefits.

The principle of Ginkgo action was not well understood at that time, but instead it is much appreciated the years of practice, years of uses, increasing the range of intended use, assessment of side effects, safety issues, proven dosage recommendations and proven usage for thousands of years which, in fact, supersedes modern clinic trials.

Most of the reviews give their attention to Ginkgo’s “smart” effects like boosting energy, improving concentration, memory, focus, mental performance and others.

But special Ginkgo performance deserved to be mentioned separately.
And not for the “smart” effects, but for its ability to maintain vascular health and blood circulation throughout the body and brain.

Health veins is a guarantee of a normal operation of all organs and protection against such diseases as thrombosis, hypertension, atherosclerosis, hypoxia and many others.

Good circulation produces a positive effect on coordination, muscles performance, and reduce muscle pain, injuries with an effect of analgesic and antichloristic.

Users emphasize how actively this supplement affects the mental energy, heightens anxiety, clears brain fog, and provides systemic therapy to the brain functions responsible for mental performance.

Being a natural MAO (monoamine oxidase) inhibitor, Ginkgo regulates mood and cognitive ability thereby preventing mood imbalance, supporting norepinephrine and maintaining a required level of Dopamine and Serotonin.

Even demanding users found Ginkgo Biloba to satisfy high standards of “smart” drugs being fast-responding nootropic with 3000 years of history of use.

Some reports show that Ginkgo effectively deals with premenstrual tension, diabetic patients, tinnitus and many others.

A few positive reviews on Ginkgo Biloba are related to its ability to support sexual performance in different aspects – from increasing libido to the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

According to user’s experience, Ginkgo can more effectively recover this function due to its fast-response ability and high bio-availability.
Such time crucial issues as erectile dysfunction, depression etc., require a quick reaction and this advantage makes Ginkgo a primary choice for many people facing these problems.

It is a well-known fact since the ancient times that Ginkgo was used to treat eye and ear diseases, and today it is still used for such purposes and cures Glaucoma.

But of course, the most popular purpose of Ginkgo’s usage is to boost mental performance, mental clarity and to sharpen thinking and concentration.

The age group of 18-40 years old people produces the greatest demand on the market for “smart” drugs.

While such severe diseases like Alzheimer’s disease are not often experienced by many people and this intended use is less common, the biggest demand for Gingko is strongly leaded by “smart” benefits: boosting memory, mental performance, and cognitive enhancement.
The reason is that the current pace of living is very demanding on the work performance, productivity and mental efficiency. People look for more and more effective ways to improve their mental performance.

Though it is not a frequently used purpose of Ginkgo compared to other purposes.

Nevertheless, Ginkgo demonstrates strong performance for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and related disorders; it also alleviates symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

Ginkgo Biloba Uses

Well before Ginko became known for dealing with mental performance and cognitive capacity, it was used for a different range of purposes from analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent to libido booster.

Despite researches and studies focused on understanding the mechanism of action of Ginkgo and areas of its usage, most of its functions are still unknown.

As for the first established intended use of Ginkgo, it needs to be turned back to 1500 earlier in Chinese provinces Zhejiang and Tian Mu Shan where firstly Ginkgo was started to be of use for asthma, treatment of eyes and ears infections, curing headaches and improve sexual performance.
Those who have suffered from asthma got significant relief and breathing has come less smothered.

Down the ages, Ginkgo was started to be of use for strengthening memory, focus, concentration, and boosting energy, mental performance, and cognitive function.
And today this ancient supplement remains an effective measure of mental performance and modern cognitive enhancer.

The most remarkable uses of Ginkgo originate from its ability to boost circulation of blood throughout the body.
This allows increasing bloodstream in all organs, limbs, muscles, and brain, which relieves shortages of blood, oxygen, essential elements and components in the body and stabilizes the normal activity of organs and the brain function.

Nervous system requires many components for healthy growth and development.
And if it’s the case, users feel a significant improvement in all qualities related to overall mental performance.

Ensuring a normal blood circulation, this nootropic ceases disbalances in the blood like clotting, or any distress in the brain.

This is made possible by ginkgolide B – component preventing excessive clotting.

As MAO inhibitor, its role is important for a stable feeling of mental clarity, energy and healthy growth of cerebral tissues.

Users observed that Ginkgo facilitates control over thoughts, sharpens and speeds up thinking, accelerates recall of (and access to) memories, makes it easier to learn new facts and articulate thoughts more clearly.

For all mentioned uses it is normally required to administer Ginkgo in a normal dosage, and if you need more explicit effects of it, you can either increase the dosage or stack Ginkgo with choline enhancing supplements.
But for all cases, the general recommendation would be to take any medications under the therapist control with care to dosage instructions.

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