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Weight Loss Problems Can Be Solved In Future: A New Study Report

Hunger is undoubtedly a very important mechanism in all animals including humans, but every extreme such as “too much” or “too little” food may lead to negative scenarios in everyone’s life and health in particular. In a modern life, it’s no longer a secret that obesity surely opens the door to a variety of conditions like […]

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You Should Probably Be Hungry To Ease The Chronic Pain

There is no doubt in the fact that pain is a very important mechanism of the nervous system expressed in an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. And plays an important role in the lifecycle of any organism having more or less complex nervous system. But it also can be tremendously aggravating when […]

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Why Stress Could Be Your Enemy: Stressed Individuals May Take Risky Decisions

It’s always hard to take a decision especially if the decision may significantly affect your personal life/career/relationships etc. MIT neuroscientists discovered an interesting correlation between stress and decision-making process in mice. They found that the stressed species were more likely to choose high-risk options compared to “just fine”, relaxed ones. As the research says this kind of […]

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